Champion Solar Power Inverter - 40W

  • Model: SPG-40W
  • Solar Power Generating System
  • Solar Panel of 40W, Vm 18V
  • 1DC Fan & 3 LED lights included
  • In-built Battery of 12V, 40Ah
  • Backup time from 2 hrs to 5 hrs*
Usually delivered in 3-7 business days* (+3 days for countryside)
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Power Box
Solar Panel
LED Bulbs
DC tower fan


Solar power generating systems take advantage of this property to convert sunlight directly into electrical energy which gets stored in battery and can be used for variety of applications, including emergency power supply and remote power where traditional infrastructure is unavailable.
This system is consists of an electronic box containing the battery, Solar panel, LED Bulbs, DC tower fan and TV (optional). Also it has multiple output sockets of 12V each and USB sockets of 5W each. The LED bulbs are design in such way that it provides light output at par with 14W CFL from each lamp. The product is equipped with all required protections with a special arrangement to prevent deep discharging of battery.


  • Constant light output over entire battery backup range
  • Light output for single lamp equivalent to 14W CFL
  • SMART technology for fast charging & long battery life
  • Mobile charging can also be used along with LED lamp
  • Runs 12V DC fan/ DC TV/ DC Lamp
  • Lamps, Fan/TV and mobile charging points
  • Provision to connect external battery (upto 200Ah)
  • Optimum solution for daily usage of 2 lamps for 5 hrs
  • DC fan/TV for 3 hrs + mobile phone charging for 2 hrs
  • SMT technology hence higher reliability & compact design
  • Equipped with battery deep discharge, battery over charge
  • Over current, short circuit & open LED protection
  • Long life and high performance
  • Smart battery management system with battery charging
  • Over load, short circuit and open circuit protection
  • Adjustable direction of light for varied applications

Technical Specification

Models SPG-40W
Power Box : Controller 5A / 12V
Power Box : Battery 40Ah, 12V
Solar Panel Power 40W, Vm 18V
LED Lamp Power 2 LED of 3W + 1 LED of 5W
Fan Power 1 Fan 12V, 15W
TV Power 1 TV 12V, 20W (*Optional)
DC Voltage DC 12V & DC 5V both
DC Output Socket DC 12V Socket × 4 Pcs, USB 5V Socket × 2 Pcs
Max. Charge Current 3A
Max. Load Current 2A/Socket
Type of Protection IP22
Short-circuit / Overload / Surge Yes
Operating Temperature Discharge: -20 deg C ~ 50 deg C, Charge: 0 deg C ~ 50 deg C
Power Box Size (LxWxH) (mm) 295×210×230
Power Box Weight 18 kgs
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Model: SPG-40W & SPG-75W

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  Feb 18, 2016

Pretty well.. Decent product.

I am using it for my shop. It has Long backup.. complete primary needs.

1. Backup for long time
2. Can connect external battery for extra backup time.
3. Mobile charging is therefore
4. Easy installation - only connect cable, thats all.

1. Works only with DC powered devices only

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What is an inverter?

An inverter takes DC power (battery or solar, for example) and converts it into AC "household" power for running electronic equipment and appliances.

What is Sine wave ?

It is the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power. There are two types of waveforms available. A "modified sine wave", and the "true sine wave".
Modified Sine Wave -The modified sine wave is not really a sine wave at all. It is more less a "stepped wave". It achieves voltage regulation by varying in width according to the battery voltage and the load. Thus, the wave is not as smooth as a sine wave. The quality of modified sine wave inverters should not be underestimated. They are highly capable, and (by narrowing the waveform) they save energy when running only small loads, as happens during most of the day in a typical home. Modified sine inverters have been successful in many thousands of remote home, RV and marine systems since 1986.
True Sine Wave - Also known as Pure Sine Wave, is the most reliable waveform and provides power almost identical to a standard wall outlet. The power produced fully assures that your "sensitive loads" will be correctly powered, with no interference. Some appliances are likely to require Pure Sine Wave including digital clocks, battery chargers, light dimmers, variable speed motors, and audio/visual equipment. For these reasons, true sine wave inverters can be more a more expensive choice.

How do I know which inverter to buy?

Different devices require specific wattages to run correctly and efficiently. Please use this easy formula to determine the correct size inverter:
AMPS x 220 = Watts
Example: 10 Amp Unit X 220 = 2200 Watts

What is the difference between "KVA rating" and "KW rating" of UPS?

The mathematical relation is kW= kVA *pf. where kW is active or useful power and kVA is the vector sum of active power and reactive power. The equation therefore is kW= kVA *pf