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  Jul 06, 2015

Aar-em Electronics to expand into Hybrid Solar Inverter Market

Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based manufacturer of the well-known CHAMPION brand of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Champion is a very strong brand in the corporate and consumer space. Champion has long been known for product quality and reliability. They offer a diverse and extremely reliable product range for protection against all Power problems. Today Aar-em boasts of having the one of the largest customer bases in India exceeding 350K product users.

Aar-em pioneered the concept of the small UPS in the Indian market and has propelled itself to a pole position in a highly competitive field by offering state of the art technology.

Mr. Ranjit Mohite Managing Director Aar-em Electronics Pvt ltd. announced today that the company would be soon expanding into the Renewable Energy Space by introducing Hybrid Solar Inverters upto capacity 5KW. Mr Mohite added that that this business was an ideal extension to their original business of providing uninterrupted power.

The first step would be to give an urban edge to rural banking and rural ATM's. At most of installed bank sites in rural areas Aar-em have found that batteries are not getting sufficiently charged due to extended power breaks and unreliable grid power. Mr. Mohite added that the recently introduced Hybrid Solar Inverters would be the right solution to end being dependent on an unreliable grid supply. The concept works simple. During daylight when the sun is shining bright the roof top solar modules convert sun energy into electrical energy. Then this energy is channelized through charge controllers and stored in the batteries of the Inverter. The Inverters being hybrid will at all times keep solar power in priority and only in absence of solar power will switch to Grid supply. This is a reliable and long lasting solution which would be the best option to find an end to the growing power shortage in India.

Through continuous innovation, Aar-em has always been striving to provide the customers with the best available technology. The customers will now have advantage of having a single source supply for the entire range of power protection equipment and benefit of optimal technology at an affordable price point that also provides maximum value on investment.

According to Mohite, over the last one year the company has put concerted efforts in developing specialized solar power products. He also added that this business will grow in the coming years.

Champion has opened new service centers in unrepresented areas Currently, Aar-em is present at over 50 locations spread all over the country for service support and is soon expecting to double its customer base with proposed new service centers.

Since the brand Champion is reputed and has excellent consumer recall the company has received numerous offers form prospective overseas partners who wish to enter the growing India market and take advantage of well set up infrastructure.

Aar-em have also been approached by many Private Equity firms who have envisaged interest in picking up a stake and the same is under consideration to cash in part of the enterprise value and balance for growth expansion. Mr. Mohite stated all this is in preliminary stage and hence would not like to comment more on the above.

The year 2013 -14 has till now been an exciting year said Ranjit Mohite. Aar-em group revenues for the year 2014-15 are projected at around 50 crores. With this new business in place Aar-em's revenues will grow manifold due to the introduction of Renewable energy products thus increasing top line rapidly.

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