End of a long night : A new life for MOHRI

“MOHRI” a village situated at 100 kms from Pune City Maharashtra, India having 27 houses and a population of 160 of which 75 are children today boasts of having electricity which has been provided by Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Where once life practically came to a standstill at sundown are now abuzz with activities. The solar-based devices have illuminated the villagers’ houses like never before—kerosene lamps are a thing of the past now. Even, infotainment is beamed to them through solar-powered television sets.

Above all Aar-em has also provided a Television to this rural community who are currently being deprived and cut of from the mainstream life and activities. They do not get access to weather, agriculture, livelihood, projects, education, health and hygiene information that is now being made available through several TV channels. Solar power is used to run the TV & Direct to home (DTH) Doordarshan service is used to receive the television channels. A few street lights are also installed making this village fully complete and electrified.