Champion Smart Home Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 800VA

  • Model: HP-800
  • Capacity: 800VA/500W
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Backup time upto 10 hrs*
  • Multi-function LED Indicator
  • Compatible with any battery of 12V, 65Ah to 200Ah
Usually delivered in 3-7 business days* (+3 days for countryside)
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The Champion Smart Home Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter Series are electronic generators based on Microcontroller PWM-MOSFET technology which has a high efficiency invertor and a heavy duty integrated battery charger. The unit will automatically switch over to an external battery source when incoming AC line power fails or is, beyond acceptable limits. In this condition it will continue to supply stable power. With this inverter, you will never be left without power when you need it!


  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Backup upto 10 hrs*
  • Microcontroller PWM-MOSFET Technology
  • Compatible with any battery
  • Reliable and Trusted
  • Generator compatible
  • Noiseless and pollution free
  • Ultra wide input voltage range
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Normal/Tubular battery compatible
  • Overload/Short-circuit Protection
  • Auto restart feature
  • Multifunction LED indications
  • Buzzer alarms


  • Computer System
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Speakers/Music System
  • CFL/LED bulbs
  • Tubeslights
  • Fans
  • Any other household appliances

Technical Specification

Models HP-800
Capacity 800VA/500W
Mains Input 220VAC (Standard)
Input Voltage (Normal Mode) 120VAC~290VAC ± 5%
Input Voltage (UPS Mode) 180VAC~260VAC ± 5%
Input Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Output Voltage with Mains 220V (Same as Input)
Output Frequency with Mains 50Hz (Same as Input)
Output Voltage after Inverter 220VAC ± 10%
Output Frequency after Inverter 50Hz ± 1%
Output Waveform after Inverter Pure Sine Wave
Battery Type External Lead-Acid Battery
Battery Voltage 12V
Battery Charging Voltage 13.7V (Max)
Battery Charging Current 12A
Battery Charging Voltage Range 140VAC~280VAC
Compatible Battery Rating 65Ah to 200Ah
Transfer Time ≤30ms (UPS Mode) / ≤40ms (INV Mode)
Operating Temperature 0˚C~40˚C
Transit/Storage Temperature -15˚C~45˚C
Relative Humidity -10˚C~90˚C (Non Condensing)
Noise <45dB
Mains Working / Battery Charging White Light
Inverter Working Yellow Light
Battery Low / Overload / Fault Red Light
Audible Alarm
Battery Low Protection Buzzer Long Beep
Battery Low One Beep per Sec.
Overload Buzzer Long Beep
Overload at <130% One Beep per Sec.
Inverter Failure Buzzer Long Beep
Mains Mode Input Fuse Protection
Overload/Short-Circuit/Low Voltage Inverter Shutdown
Battery Deep Discharge Inverter Shutdown
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 330×312×160
Net Weight 11 kgs
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Model: HP-800 & HP-1400

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  May 13, 2016

Great Inverter..!! Must recommend.

Well this is a great Sine Wave Inverter, I am using it to power my TV, PC, Lights and Fans, etc.
I have been using Champion Inverter from long time, it has good quality and reliable too.

1. Small in Size
2. Backup upto 5-8 hrs with 150-200Ah battery and 2-3 hrs with 100Ah
3. Various Indicators
4. Superb after sales service, just call their service center, they will come to your home and fix it (also for installation)
5. Fast charging compares to other inverters
6. Overload/Short-circuit protection

only one - its weight around 10-11 kgs.. but its not big issue, we keep it in same place.


  Mar 12, 2015

Good Product...Good Brand...

Nice product but..Fast shipping..price is little bit more. I am happy with this product.

Frequently Asked Questions





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What is an inverter?

An inverter takes DC power (battery or solar, for example) and converts it into AC "household" power for running electronic equipment and appliances.

What is Sine wave ?

It is the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power. There are two types of waveforms available. A "modified sine wave", and the "true sine wave".
Modified Sine Wave -The modified sine wave is not really a sine wave at all. It is more less a "stepped wave". It achieves voltage regulation by varying in width according to the battery voltage and the load. Thus, the wave is not as smooth as a sine wave. The quality of modified sine wave inverters should not be underestimated. They are highly capable, and (by narrowing the waveform) they save energy when running only small loads, as happens during most of the day in a typical home. Modified sine inverters have been successful in many thousands of remote home, RV and marine systems since 1986.
True Sine Wave - Also known as Pure Sine Wave, is the most reliable waveform and provides power almost identical to a standard wall outlet. The power produced fully assures that your "sensitive loads" will be correctly powered, with no interference. Some appliances are likely to require Pure Sine Wave including digital clocks, battery chargers, light dimmers, variable speed motors, and audio/visual equipment. For these reasons, true sine wave inverters can be more a more expensive choice.

How do I know which inverter to buy?

Different devices require specific wattages to run correctly and efficiently. Please use this easy formula to determine the correct size inverter:
AMPS x 220 = Watts
Example: 10 Amp Unit X 220 = 2200 Watts

What is the difference between "KVA rating" and "KW rating" of UPS?

The mathematical relation is kW= kVA *pf. where kW is active or useful power and kVA is the vector sum of active power and reactive power. The equation therefore is kW= kVA *pf